28th August - Pheladenia deformis - Blue Fairies

Pheladenia deformis

Slightly hairy, 6-15 cm high; leaf almost glabrous, linear-lanceolate, 5-6 cm long and c. 4 mm wide. Flowers solitary, deep-blue, occasionally white; often with a faint sweet fragrance; perianth-segments light-coloured, with many scattered minute purple glands on the outside. Was named Caladenia deformis because it was thought to be a deformed caladenia. Since it is now the only Pheladenia it is difficult to see how it could be said to be deformed. It probably should be called Pheladenia blueii or something.

Flowers July to October.

I remember when there were masses of these on sunny rocky slopes in the Adelaide Hills. Fairly hard to find now.

Propogates and forms clumps by bulb division.