1st July - Stock Road Orchids


In June 1969, I purchased the land now known as Warrawong Sanctuary. This block fronted fronted Stock Road which runs from Heathfield to Mylor and is about three kilometres long. During the early 1970s I photographed the orchids along the side of Stock Road. These are the photographs. There are only about five species left there today. Why?

Parsons BandsPteristylis barbatacampestriscarneacurtablueglossodiagnatgrandiflorahareimberbisspottedyellowleptochillawallflowerlongifolialyperanthusmacmillianimaculataleopardmayflymenzieiimidgemosquitonananoddingnudaodorataonionpatersoniipauci1pauci2pauci3pedunculatapunctatumrabbitrubraspotspidervittatadeformisgreenleopardpalachillaredspotcarnea Only five left! Why?