1st June - Balance

Of course there is nothing very balanced in a dynamic system like bushland. We talk of the bush being in balance but that is not quite what is meant. Our bushland is an ever changing landscape driven by various events continually happening. Balance is therefore probably the wrong word to use. A better description may be something like “properly performing”.

My measure of a properly performing bushland is simply measured by biodiversity. The best performing bushland is simply that with the greatest biodiversity. It is my firm belief that the way to maximise biodiversity is first of all to ensure that all the species growing in it are local indigenous species and secondly to ensure that a process is in place that copies, as close as possible, the events that the forest enjoyed as it evolved.

The reason for this is that evolution is about biodiversity. If evolution is allowed to progress without interference then it will produce, in time, the greatest biodiversity that is possible given the other attributes of the area such as geology, climate, etc.

I just need to add to this a series of regularly occurring events and the same end results. Unless you intend to change the geology by adding, for example, various fertilisers. Or unless you intend to change the climate by irrigation or something. Then the greatest biodiversity can be achieved by just copying the procedure that allowed evolution to produce what it did.

There will always be those who believe they can improve on evolution by cultivation, irrigation and adding fertilisers. However after many years of watching shows like “Gardening Australia” I remain unconvinced.

There is no doubt in my mind that mother nature is the most successful gardener and all you really need to do is mimic her.